Step 4: Review Home + About Pages

Now it's time to review your Home page and your About page: The two most statistically viewed pages on your website.

Creating website content can be challenging, especially at the onset. Our AI tool speeds this up for you by writing you SEO-friendly content, based on your sign-up information, simplifying your initial steps.

The next steps are to read thought the content, edit the blocks and lock in photos.

Step 1: Read through your Home page and your About page.

Read through each block on your Home and About pages and review the pre-filled content for accuracy. Consider if it represents your brand and aligns with your messaging.

For our Jane App users, please note that the first block on the About page is automatically pulling in the staff bios and pictures from your Jane Online Booking page. For this block, you can only change/update the block from inside of Jane 🙂

Step 2: Edit the pre-filled content as needed by clicking on the 'Pencil mark' buttons.

It is important to customize your text to align with your vision and goals. Make sure your content is informational, and accurately describes your business.

Find the 'Pencil mark' within the text of the block and click it to begin editing.

In some blocks, depending on the size of your browser, the 'Pencil mark' might be difficult to spot. It will always be close to the top of the block, at the first sentence, but you might need to look for it!

Make sure that you hit Update Block to save your changes.

Step 3: Edit, Delete and Add blocks as needed.

Editing a block:

Edit the design of blocks by hovering over any of the blocks underneath the headers, and selecting Edit Block in the top right hand corner of the block. There are multiple tabs to explore to change the design of the block.

Deleting a block:

If you feel as though you don't need one of the starter blocks, and you want a simpler website, you can delete blocks by going to the last tab inside of the Edit Block area, and clicking Delete, and then OK.

Adding a block:

To add in a block, click on one of the Plus Buttons on the left hand side of the screen. This will give you a list of blocks that you can choose from to extend the page. Whichever Plus Button you click on is where the block will appear.

Re-ordering blocks:

Reordering blocks is quite straightforward. Check out this help article on How to Reorder Blocks

Step 4: Lock in images to blocks

Your website comes pre-loaded with default images that will rotate through every time you refresh your page. But you might want to lock an image into a specific block, or upload a team photo. For detailed instructions on images check out this help article on Exploring Images: Adding, Deleting And Uploading Your Own.

Quick instructions for uploading images to a block:

Step 1: Navigate to the header or block you want to update and click Edit image

Step 2: Click Add Image and select the file from your computer.

Step 3: Make sure you select Save or Update at the bottom of the page.

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