Exploring Images: Adding, Deleting And Uploading Your Own

Exploring Default Images

Default Images are the images that are automatically populated throughout your website as soon as the website is spun up. These default images can be used on your site to populate your pages with great quality images.

Whether you want to use the default images as rotating images throughout your website, or you want to use the same images in specific spots throughout the website, or if you want to manage and edit these images, you can do that by visiting the default images area of the website:

Step 1: Go To Your Design Settings

While logged in, click on the "Admin" button at the top right of your screen, and in the dropdown menu select "Design".

Step 2: Go to Default Images.

Select "Default Images" from the left-hand menu.

Understanding How The Clinic Sites Default Images Work, And How To Save Them To Your Computer

Understanding how Clinic Sites' default images works is important. Our website platform randomly pulls an image from the list of default images if a specific image hasn't been uploaded to a specific image area.

When your website is initially spun up it will only have default images, as there have not been any images uploaded to a specific image area throughout your site. Therefore, every "Header", "Text Media Block", and any other block showing an image will continue to change every time the page is reloaded, randomly choosing from the list of default images. This can be a great tool to keep your site feeling different every time you visit it, or it might not be the style you're looking for.

Adding & Deleting Your Own Default Images

Adding Default Images

While logged in, navigate to your Site Settings by clicking on the "Admin" button at the top right of your screen, and in the dropdown menu select "Design".Click on Add Default Image to upload an image from your device into the list of default images.

Deleting Default Images

Feel free to delete any image that you don't feel is a good fit for your site. This could mean 1 or 2, or all of them! To delete them, hover over the image that you want to delete. You will see 3 horizontal dots appear to the right hand side of the screen. Click on that button, and select Delete from the dropdown menu.

Adding The Pre-Populated Default Images To A Specific Image Area On Your Site.

If you love the default images on our site, but want to set them to a specific area or block so that they will stay there permanently, you have to save them to your computer and then re-upload them in that specific area.

To do this, while at the Default Images tab, click Full Size. This will open up the image in a new tab. Right click on the centre of the image and select Save Image As... and then title the image something you will remember.

Now you can add in that image to the Block where you want this image to stay:

Step 1: Navigate to the header or block

Step 2: Click Add Image and select the file that you just saved.

Step 3: Make sure you select Save or Update at the bottom of the page.

Check out this help article for updating your Header image.

Uploading Different Images To Your Site

We always recommend uploading your own photos to the website to make it feel like your own. Take a look at these three different sites to show how quality photos of your own clinic can improve the design of your site.

Explore Additional Stock Photography Options

If you're looking for additional stock photography, our recommendation is Adobe Stock. https://stock.adobe.com Adobe Stock has amazing photos that you can check out, with a large library for all kinds of clinic disciplines. For additional stock photo websites, see this article.

If this article didn't completely answer your question, or if you have any other questions, email us at anytime at support@clinicsites.co and we'll be more than happy to help you out!

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