Updating the Logo and Favicon

4 Steps

Jonathon Vogel

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While we can bring in your logo at the beginning of your project, you may want to update your logo from time to time.

1. Login

2. Navigate to design settings

  1. Click on the 'Admin' button at the top right of your website.
  2. Select 'Design' from the dropdown.

3. Update the Settings

  1. Select 'Logo' from the left-hand menu. From here you will be able to upload your logo and favicon.
  2. For the logo, we recommend uploading a full color and a white version (logo alternative).

4. Click "Save".

As soon as the updates are saved you will see the updated logo displayed on your website.

Logo Dimensions and File Type

  • The ideal dimensions should be a minimum of 600px wide.
  • The ideal file type is a transparent PNG, which will allow the background to come through the logo.
  • The resolution can be 96 PPI or higher.
  • If finding a transparent PNG file isn't viable, then using a JPEG is also possible if there is no background applied to the menu area.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a page icon associated with your website, as seen in the Google example below. These icons are displayed in the browser tab. 

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