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Jonathon Vogel

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Are You Tired Of Going Invisible On Google?

Having a website that is beautiful and captures the attention of visitors is great - but if it doesn't speak to Google as well and get recognized for the keywords people are searching for, the business is invisible online.

This article will help you with the principles you need to rank higher on Google.

Is This You?

  • In a moment of curiosity, you Google your business trying to find out why the phone isn't ringing.
  • A sick feeling enters your stomach as you see your competitors (who you know deliver an inferior product) out-ranking you.
  • “I need to improve my Google ranking today,” you think to yourself as you start to feel the adrenaline.
  • A quick search of “How to improve my ranking on Google” brings up hundreds of thousands of sites to visit.
  • You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

This is where some people get desperate. They hire an “SEO Expert” who promises to boost their ranking for a couple hundred dollars. The result: Their website gets caught up in some shady weblink network. While it may provide a quick boost in ranking, such sites get punished eventually.

The Tough Part About Getting Ranked High

Let’s be honest: We all want to be on the first page of a search. That is precious real estate. The problem is that not everyone gets it and to get there and last takes some real work.

Today’s quick fix is tomorrow’s tanking.

Think about the last Google search you did. There were only 15 spots available on that coveted first page. You have 2-3 ads to start. That cost someone money to be there. Then a map comes up as you scroll. That also has a paid position at the top - more money. Then there are three more map listings for those who are blessed and highly favoured by the Google gods. Then you have 6-8 organic listings. Those are the ones most of us would be most happy with. The problem is that 3 of them are enormous domains like Yelp, or MyBestRated, or RateMyMd or other Goliaths that like that which are hard to defeat.

The truth is that even those four spots are likely run by an SEO manager charging $500 - $700 a month to get their client there.

Is it worth it to even try to play Google’s game?

While I must confess that I have been in and out when it comes to playing the SEO game, I always land back in it.


Because I have compassion for the person who is doing the Google search. They are someone’s dearly loved daughter, son, friend, coworker. They have a real problem that has disrupted their dream. They are searching for answers. They are looking for someone to help. They do not know some of the traps that are awaiting them masquerading as “chiropractor”.

I don’t want innocent getting caught up in some doctors forever treatment plan that never works because it is based on pseudo-science.

I am driven each day to help the best people leverage the best tools to reach more people. Because of this, we must outrank competitors.

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