Integrating Your Google "My Business" Account

Jonathon Vogel

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When it comes to ranking well on Google, there has been a clear move by the search engine giant to favor those who have optimized their Google My Business listing (that’s what Google calls your business listing that shows up when people search for you). If you have not set up and optimized your listing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Your listing must include information such as:

  • Correct website, address, phone number, and hours as it is given on your website (make sure they are EXACTLY the same)
  • Plenty of photos
  • Service categories (chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, etc).

Get Lots of Reviews

Your Reputation Matters

You know that before making a purchase online you are going to do some digging around to see if it is a worthwhile product. While it’s interesting to find out what companies are saying about themselves, what really interests you is what customers are saying about the product.

It’s the same as finding a chiropractor. Your marketing message is important, but having an outstanding reputation as a doctor who gets results for his patients while treating them well in the process - that’s the gold standard.

Find a system that delivers you a steady stream of outstanding Google Reviews. There’s helpful software out there that can follow up with patients and link to your Google account. But if you’re not interested in paying another subscription, there’s always the cheap way of printing off a piece of paper to put beside your reception desk. And of course, if you hear a patient raving about their experience just memorize this line:

“That’s so encouraging. I’m glad to hear about it. You know what is so helpful to both our staff and others? If you go online and leave a Google Review. We know there are a lot of people reading those and your story could benefit a lot of people.”

Why Are Reviews So Important?

  • The effect of your Google ranking. If someone searches “Best Chiropractor near me”, I doubt Google has it in the algorithm to promote a practice that consistently gets lousy reviews.
  • The effect of whether or not people click through to your website. Great reviews generate interest to lose more. Poor reviews encourage them to keep scrolling.
  • They affect how many new patients come in. If you can get amazing reviews, people will be more inclined to book themselves in.

Own the Keywords

If you haven’t already, make a list of words that you would like to show up for when someone is searching.

Let’s use the example of how to rank well when someone is searching for “Chiropractor/Massage/Physical Therapy in _______(Your City).”

If you're a chiropractor, use variations of the words “Chiropractor” and “Your City” in:

  • Title tag of the site
  • Teading or subheading of your home page
  • URL (
  • Your content
  • Alt tags
  • The site’s meta description

Warning: Don’t overuse the exact phrase: “Chiropractor In _______ (City)” over and over again. You will be punished for keyword jamming. Use variations and get creative.

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