How Do You Integrate With Our Jane Account?

Jonathon Vogel

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Due to our close partnership with the Jane team, when you sign up for a Clinic Site, we are given access to the information you have on your Jane site. Our system takes your logo, location, hours, providers, and other important information for your website. Once we have that, we can use it to populate your website with the information.

With your Jane link that you give as the first step during sign up, we pull over all your information on your Jane account and auto-populate your website with it. When you start a site, your "About" page automatically fills up with your practitioner pictures (with their Bios) and the Service pages are populated with descriptions you have already provided. We also add a "Book Now" button option for the provider(s) of that service.

Plus, the call to action button is linked to your Jane account (as you already have) and place at several strategic points throughout the site.

Our software automatically checks and refreshes your website based on changes that you make to your Jane account. We've taken away all that work of maintaining your website. 

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