Creating a Blog Post

5 Steps

Jonathon Vogel

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Make the most of content marketing when you create a blog. A blog helps you connect with more people and establish yourself as the authority in your space.

1. Login

2. Go to your blog (i.e.

3. Create a new post

  1. Click on the FAB (edit pencil) which can be found on the top left side of the page.
  2. Select, 'Add Blog Post'

4. Fill out the relevant fields

  • Title + Subtitle
  • Author
  • Body: your blog article text
  • Add an Image
  • Additional options to insert a YouTube or Vimeo link and upload a file for download.
  • Comment settings
  • Placement: Blog Page and Blocks
  • Date and time you'd like the post to publish

5. Click Save

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