Adding a Blog Tab to Your Main Menu

Step 1

Navigate to your Admin Menu and chose Menus from the drop down

Step 2

Click Add Link

Step 3

  1. Label the link as "Blog" or whatever you would like to appear in your main menu
  2. Choose Blog from the Link to drop down
  3. Save changes by clicking Save Link

Step 4

The last item in the list will appear as the button on your menu, so you likely will want to move the Blog tab.

  1. Hover your curser over the left hand side of the new Blog link and 6 little dots will appear.
  2. Click and drag to reorder menu items.

Feature your Blog posts on another page as a block

Step 1

Click the little plus sign to add a block

Step 2

Choose the Blogs block type

Step 3

Customize the appearance by clicking Edit block

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