Reasons Why Your Jane Sync Might Not Be Working

Hey everybody, my name is Christian from clinic site support team and I am going to walk you through some troubleshooting for why your Jane account might not be syncing the way you want it to to your website.

Reason #1

One reason why your Jane might not be syncing is because the site hasn't completed the "24-hour Sync". Your Clinic Sites website re-syncs with your Jane online booking page automatically once every 24 hours. That means that if you've made a change inside of your Jane account, such as a change in logo, photo, bio, service, or discipline description, your site might not have re-synced with Jane yet.

The Solution:

If you want to see the change take place immediately, you can do a manual sync whenever you want to immediately see your changes come through by clicking on the Jane Sync button in the top bar of your Clinic Sites website while logged in.

Once the Jane button has stopped spinning, you can refresh the page, and you should see your website matching the content on your Jane online booking page.

Reason #2

Another possibility for your Jane account not syncing with your Clinic Sites website is if your Jane account isn't connected, or your settings are stopping the sync.

The solution:

  1. While logged in, click on Admin, and choose Settings in the dropdown menu.

  1. From here, you can choose the Jane Integration menu item at the bottom of the left hand side of your screen.

Note: If you don't see this menu item, your Clinic Sites website isn't set-up to sync with your Jane account. Contact and let them know your Jane account and your Clinic name and we will integrate your site with your Jane account.

  1. Now you can check and uncheck the areas that you want your website to be syncing with your Jane account. By default, all of these should be checked when your site is first integrated with your Jane account.

  1. Click "Save Settings".

Reason #3

Another reason your Clinic Sites website might not be syncing with your Jane account is because your online booking page isn't set to public, or it isn't showing the information that you want to show on your website.

Our sync is meant to show only what's available on your online booking page, so if your online booking page is set to a login page, it's impossible for your website to update your information since it isn't publicly available.

The Solution:

Inside of your Jane account settings, check at least one service, treatment, and staff member to "Available on online booking". If you're having trouble setting it up, contact the Jane team here and they'd love to help you out!

Note: Turning your online booking page to public doesn't mean that you have to accept patients online. You can set up your account to "Contact to book" so that your info still syncs with your website.

Reason #4

There are lots of settings inside of Jane that might be confusing the way that Jane speaks to Clinic Sites. If there's a problem with your Jane Sync, reach out to the Clinic Sites team and we'll help you out, or contact the Jane team for you.

If this article didn't completely answer your question, or if you have any other questions, email us at anytime at and we'll be more than happy to help you out!

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