How to Add Subpages to your Menu

Adding subpages allows your pages to be organized under sections, and helps your visitors to navigate your site easier. It also can help your menu to be less crowded.

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Let's pretend you have an "About" page already created and showing in your menu, but you want to divide the content into two pages: A "Who We Are" page and a "How We Got Started" page.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your Menu Settings.

In the top right of your screen, click on the "Admin" button, and then choose "Menus" from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Edit the Menu item you want to add a subpage to, or in this case "About".

Hover over the menu item you want to add subpages or submenus to, and on the right hand side you will see 3 horizontal dots. Click on them, and select "Add Link".

Step 3: Fill in info and link to pre-created page.

Fill in what you want the page to label as, and link it to pages, and then select the correct page. Then click "Save Link".

Your page will now be a subpage for your "About" label. However your "About" page will now not be accessible, only your new page, as you can see here:

Step 4: Add another link to your "About" Menu.

Hover over your "About" menu item and select "Add link" again.

Step 5: Fill info and link to new page, or previous menu page. (In this case, "About" page).

Step 6: You now have submenu and organized pages:

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