How to Optimize a Block for Mobile

You can create mobile only blocks easily with Clinic Sites!

Step 1: Navigate to the block you'd like to set up for mobile, or create a new block.

Step 2: Edit Block

While logged in, hover over the block and in the top right corner, select "Edit Block".

Step 3: Choose the Displays you want the Block to Show on.

Choose settings in the far right of the block editor, and you will see the subtitle "Display block on". Simply select the displays you want the block to be displayed on. If they are green, then they are live for that display, but if they're greyed out, they're off for that display.

Note: You will still be able to see greyed out blocks as an admin, however it will be dark grey on your site when logged in.

Step 4: Adjust the content to your liking for mobile.

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