Text Formatting Issues when pasting from Microsoft Word

When pasting content into the Clinic Sites text editor, you may encounter formatting issues such as text appearing in a different font or size. This often happens when content is copied from Microsoft Word, which contains hidden formatting that can affect the appearance of the text.

To prevent this from happening, you can paste the content as plain text. Simply click on the "Paste as text" button in the text editor, paste your content, and click save.

If your text is still not displaying properly, there are additional steps you can take to fix unwanted formatting. For PC users, you can copy the content to Notepad, which automatically converts pasted text into plain text. For Mac users, you can copy the content to TextEdit and then convert it to plain text by selecting "Make Plain Text" from the Format menu. Once you have the plain text, simply paste it into the text editor and save your changes.

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