Recommended Content Length

When building a site, it can be tough to know the perfect amount of content to have on a page. Oftentimes, people want to make sure that visitors are interested in each page by explaining every detail, and making sure there's lots to explore! In reality, the majority of site visitors are there to find information as fast as possible to accomplish their goals, and lean towards scanning a page rather than taking in every word that you've written.

Our recommendation is to keep it short! Input the most important information in nicely spaced out pages, to allow visitors' eyes to gather the information in a relaxed state. In general, it is recommended to keep your content concise, relevant, and engaging, while ensuring that it adequately covers the topic or provides value to the reader.

Some pages will require more text than others and thats ok! Readers understand that, and a "Blog" section is approached by your site visitor's with a pre-existing knowledge that there will be more words. As a rule of thumb, it's usually better to space out your content into multiple paragraphs, and use subtitles and headings to help visitors understand how your site works!

Assess your content, and include the most important information! As a guideline for your clinic website, we recommend 2 or 3 paragraphs, with 200-300 words per page!

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