How to Set your Image Crop Focus

The crop focus feature is a built-in centering tool and allows you to set where the images are centered (by choosing 1 of 9 points on an image). By default, all images on the site are centered vertically and horizontally.

Step 1: Navigate to Crop Focus.

Hover over an image on your site and click the "Edit Image" icon.

Step 2: Set crop focus point.

Within the edit areas of the sites as you hover over the image, in the lower-left corner of the photo, the option to set the 'crop focus' by choosing 1 of 9 points. Choose the crop focus (centering) point for each image or graphic if needed. In the example below, we have chosen the center focus point as it will center the image to focus on the center of the photo.

Step 3: Make sure you save.

Click "Update Block" when you're done to save your crop focus.

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