Importing Subscribers to your Newsletter

Here's how to import subscribers to your Newsletter in Clinic Sites

Jonathon Vogel

Last Update 2 个月前

If you already have a list of newsletter subscribers from previous mailing list software (like MailChimp), you can easily import email addresses into your new website Email Newsletter two ways.

Adding Emails Manually

1. Login

2. Click the 'Admin' menu found in the top right corner of your website, select 'Newsletter'

3. Select 'Subscribers' in the left side menu

4. Click 'Add / Import Subscribers'

5. Select your Subscription List, next paste your new subscribers into the text area and click 'Add Subscribers'

Add emails using a CSV file

1. Follow steps 1-4 from above

2. Click on 'Import'

3. Select your Subscription List, upload CSV file and click 'Import Subscribers'

Format your CSV file to have three columns: email, first name and last name.

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